is a self-managed project by Guille Martínez-Vela, creator of the comic strip Rich Girl from Barcelona.

The strip was published in the Spanish weekly satirical magazine El Jueves from 2014 to 2022.

There are 645 Rich Girl from Barcelona strips in total. They deserved a good compilation. After all, they are more enjoyable when read together, and they are pretty evergreen (They may become outdated the day rich kids are no longer a thing, but I wouldn’t hold my breath).

The purpose of this website is to make Rich Girl from Barcelona available to readers from all over the world, offering all possible features:

  • The complete 645 Rich Girl strips
  • Available in all countries, at all times
  • PDF format downloadable on any device
  • DRM-free
  • Instant download
  • Mobile version
  • Desktop and tablet version

The price is as fair as can be:

  • You name the price
  • Every cent goes to the author and the translator
  • Every cent will be used to make new Rich Girl adventures

All these features are possible because is a self-published and self-managed project. is entirely financed by our readers’ support.


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